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When life’s constant motion starts to take a toll on your body, you might reach for medications in an attempt to ease the symptoms. If you live within 50 miles of Casa Grande, AZ, there’s a new, more natural alternative to get relief. Salt and Sound is a local salt spa prepared to show you a brand-new way of looking at healing.

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About Salt and Sound

Whether you’ve heard about halotherapy or the word sounds like a foreign language to you, Salt and Sound will quickly show you what you’ve been missing out on. Our spa offers a range of beneficial treatment options that can improve both physical and mental health. Each member of our team cares about your well-being, and you can trust our experts to guide you through the process and provide the advice and care you’re searching for.

We Offer:

Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna



Medical Breakthrough 6-Massage Chair

Salt lamps, Pain Wizard, Windchimes, and items made by local artisans    

Natural Healing, Natural Relief

One of the biggest benefits of halotherapy is that it offers completely natural healing and relief from a long list of ailments. This method of alternative medicine involves breathing in salty air, and it can treat certain respiratory conditions and discomfort. In the past, those with conditions like bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and more have mentioned nearly instant results and improved breathing. Each of our other services, including chromotherapy and the infrared sauna, also promotes natural healing and relief.

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Our Pinal County halotherapy spa could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Get in touch with our team at Salt and Sound to schedule an appointment with our salt bed and sauna. We’re happy to answer your questions beforehand!

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